My most shameful baggage

It’s time to forgive yourself and heal, starting with writing a letter to your past self – that person who participated in that most shameful event or walked into that situation. Confront yourself in a letter with compassion and retrospect… and Let it Go. You were NEVER your shame. #opnoshameletters


Memoir Prompt for April

My most shameful baggage

The best part about writing a memoir is that you already know all the events in the story (so far). The characters developed in real life and the setting has always been around you. The hardest part of memoir writing is the emotions that come along with remembering and going over your life (over and over and over again).

Memoirs do not document your entire life. The purpose of a memoir is to relay a PART of your life. The memoir is a story of themed events that got you to a specific time and place in your life.

Try your hand at writing your memoir of the DAY leading up to your most shameful baggage and the immediate aftermath.

6-Word Story for April

My most shameful baggage

Write a 6-word story about how you got involved in this ‘thing/event’ that caused you the most shame.

This “sudden fiction or nonfiction” is a writing practice and therapeutic technique that challenges people to write an entire novel in 6 words. #opnoshame6wordstory

Flash Fiction for April

My most shameful baggage

Think back to that one most shameful thing you did in your past or to the event that spiraled you down a paralyzing shame trail.  Rewrite that history in 1000 words or less.  What would you have done differently?  Do not change anyone else’s actions, only yours.

Writing Prompts for April

My most shameful baggage

What are you most ashamed of in your past?

Ex. 1 If I tell you     (my most shameful baggage)     , will you find me unworthy of a connection?

Ex. 2 I will never be enough because of _________________.

Why are you MOST ashamed of this thing/incident/mistake/event?

What have you done to distant yourself from this shame?

What have you given up because of this shame?