the less virtuous do not deserve rape: not God’s will

636015033376398125844353080_830762586af48724dbddc599e85838acI somehow stumbled upon this article which is disgusting. It’s from a few years back, but I wanted to highlight this horrific notion that it is God’s will that a woman be raped. The female author, Lynn Beisner, writes how God allows less virtuous women to be raped so they will come back to Him and get back on the right path.

NO ONE DESERVES RAPE. And there is nothing in The Bible that makes me believe that it is in God’s plan that women be raped or even be compared to one another and ranked by their virtue. This is Lynn Beisner’s idea of God and how he handles women who stray.  Some congressmen today believe that rape and incest are God’s will. It saddens me that there are people in the world who believe this.


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